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How To Take a Headshot with Your Smartphone

  • How To Take a Headshot with Your Smartphone

With the industry moving towards remote work, professional headshots are becoming more and more crucial in booking your dream job. Whether you are promoting yourself over LinkedIn or an interactive resume, it’s important that your picture quality is clear and professional. However, you don’t need an expensive camera to take a high definition photo. Here are our top tips on taking professional headshots from your smartphone:

Phone Headshot Photography Tips:

1. Select a simple background. Keep it clutter-free and simple.

2. Choose flattering lighting. If taking photos inside, use a ring light to optimize the

lighting. For outside photoshoots, position the sun behind you.

3. Pose like a professional. Turn your upper body slightly at a diagonal while keeping

your head turned toward the camera. Have a straight back and relaxed shoulders and

angle your posture to flatter your shape.

4. Dress for success, whether it’s your best suit or a nice t-shirt for a more casual look.

5. Choose the best three images to work with and use your phone’s built-in editing

features to adjust your picture’s cropping, lighting and color balance.

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