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What Is Gorilla Glass Anyway?

  • What Is Gorilla Glass Anyway?

If you’ve scrolled through handset specs or seen the punchy social media releases of new flagship smartphones, chances are you’ve come across the term “Gorilla Glass.” It’s easy to skim over and interpret it as simply “good quality and strong durability” but in reality, it’s so much more. So what is Gorilla Glass and why do all the big names in the tech industry use it?

Breaking Down Gorilla Glass

Gorilla Glass is the ultra-strong glass that is used in engineering the outer design of handsets. It was created by the company Corning and is constantly in improvement trials. To consumers, Corning is probably best known for its Pyrex glassware in the kitchen. But it's also a major supplier of glass displays for smartphones, TVs and other electronics. Corning tends to release new and improved versions of Gorilla Glass every two years. Gorilla Glass prevents your phone display from scratches and general wear and tear. It’s also built to resist drops and other damage. The new glass, called Gorilla Glass Victus, survives drops up to 2 meters (6.56 feet) onto hard, rough surfaces. Other glasses typically fail when dropped from less than 0.8 meters, and the last generation of Corning's glass, Gorilla Glass 6, withstood 1-meter drops.

Durability At Go Talk

Needless to say, the use of Gorilla Glass in the design of handsets greatly improves the durability of the phone. Durability is important, especially if you work a physically demanding job or take your phone through movement-heavy activities. A more durable phone will have a longer life expectancy and will therefore save you money and time. Don’t want to put the effort into researching specs? We’ve done the work so you don’t have to. At Go Talk, we offer a mobile handset for everyone’s budget and lifestyle. Here’s a list of our favorite durable IP68 certified handsets at Go Talk:


1. Google Pixel 5

2. Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

3. Samsung Galaxy S21+

4. CAT S61

5. BlackBerry KEY2

6. Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

7. CAT S60


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