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The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3: The Best Smartphone for Gen Z?

  • The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3: The Best Smartphone for Gen Z?

In this day and age, we’re overwhelmed by so many different choices when it comes to smartphones. It’s a necessity in the digital age to have one, but is it better to have an iPhone, like everyone else, or try something different?

I personally think it’s best to choose a smartphone based on your personal needs (i.e. price, features, size, etc) – not just because everyone else has it...and not just because you’re ashamed of being the only person in the group chat with green texts!

On Saturday, I met up with my friend, Majo A. She’s a fun, super cool Gen Z girl living in an urban beach city on the East Coast! I noticed she had a very unique smartphone that she could flip open – the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 in lavender. She keeps it in a cute floral case. I was so curious about it, so I asked her a few questions to gain some insight on why she has this particular phone. She’s very opinionated on why she loves her phone, so maybe my mini “interview” with her will help you decide whether the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 is for you!

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Majo and her Samsung Galaxy Flip3 in Lavender - shot on my iPhone 8

Why did you choose this particular phone?

Majo: It’s super easy to carry! As a woman, I’ve noticed clothing companies deliberately want to make our pockets super tiny. The Samsung Galaxy Flip3 fits into all my pockets and never falls out.

I also really like how it’s old fashioned and new at the same time. It reminds me of the old flip phones*!

* You can actually hang up from a phone call by flipping the Samsung Galaxy Flip3 closed – just like the old flip phones. Blast to the past!

What is using the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 like?

Majo: It’s very useful and easy to use. I personally think Samsung phones have better cameras than iPhones, and I love taking pictures with my phone - the quality is great on the Flip3. It’s also really easy for me to use - I can swipe through apps and message people without any trouble, because the width of the phone is perfect for small hands, like mine! There’s a notch in the middle (when the phone is unflipped), but it doesn’t bother me at all. I watch videos on it, and I don’t even notice the notch.

                                      page2image50778592 page2image50788576 

Rear Camera vs Front Camera on Majo’s Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 (also - us being basic with selfies) - shot on my iPhone 8

I’ve noticed you’ve been tapping on the outside of the phone when it’s closed – is there a touchscreen on the outside?
Yeah! I get notifications on the outside of the phone, even when it’s flipped closed, because of the cover touch screen. It’s so convenient. I can see everything that’s going on in my life and can flip through apps using it. I can also customize what apps I want to see on my cover screen.

Out of curiosity, why not the iPhone?

For the price, it really doesn’t have enough good features that I like. I prefer the features (camera, size, folding capability, cover screen, durability) on my Samsung Flip3, and it’s a lot more affordable than the iPhone.

Here are some other cool features on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3, for you to consider!


Hands-Free selfies with Flex Mode

  • -  Flex Mode.
    What is Flex Mode? It’s cool AF is what it is. You can take selfies without even touching your phone when you set it down and fold it into a 90 degree position (see photo below). Just turn on the timer and let the selfie magic begin!

    Flex mode also allows you to experience apps in an innovative way (just turn on “Multi-window for all apps”!). For example, if you use Spotify in Flex Mode, you get Spotify on your top screen and the music controls on the bottom screen. Furthermore, if you’re using Instagram in Flex Mode, you’ll have Instagram on the top screen and your photo gallery on the bottom screen.

  • -  Game Booster

    Game Booster allows you to game more efficiently! You can make Game Booster turn off notifications when you’re gaming, increase or decrease touch protection timeout, adjust Game Performance (Focus on Performance, Balanced, or Focus on Power Saving), and adjust your refresh rate (120 Hz, 60 Hz, 48 Hz).

  • -  Incredible 5G Speeds!

    The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 supports 5G. Get faster speeds, wherever you go. Your day-to-day connectivity will never lag!

  • -  Gorilla Glass & IPX8 Water Resistance

    Scratch resistance AND water resistance? What can’t this phone withstand? 

    The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 can actually withstand up to 5 feet of freshwater for 3 minutes. CNet also tested the Flip3 in pool water (technically not fresh, because it’s chlorinated) and it passed the test! They literally threw the Flip3 in a 10 ft deep pool and it was still very functional (touch screen, fingerprint access, camera, & speaker all still worked!) afterwards.

    Impressed with the features? Think this is the phone for you? Get yours here at GoTalk. It’s $50 off -  $50 cheaper here than on the Samsung USA website - during this holiday season. ;)


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