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What Are We Expecting to See in Wireless During 2021

  • What Are We Expecting to See in Wireless During 2021

The pandemic has brought a lot of changes to the mobile tech industry, from the cancellation of the 2020 Mobile World Congress (MWC) to the new online format of the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). However, one thing the pandemic hasn’t changed is the fast advancement and innovation of the wireless and mobile industry. So what can you expect from wireless in 2021? Our experts have compiled a list to keep you on the pulse on tech innovation.

It’s All About 5G

It’s no secret that 5G networks have been at the forefront of new technology this year. All the major mobile companies have launched their first 5G handsets, from Apple’s 5G iPhone 12, to Google’s 5G Pixel phone, and Samsung’s 5G Galaxy S21 series. With so many platforms launching 5G networks, it’s just a matter of time before you see a 5G icon on your smartphone. In a recent study, RCR Wireless predicted that “the global forecast for 2021 is that more than 30 percent of all mobile shipments will be 5G-enabled.” The wireless industry is also moving towards a greener future with 5G. It’s predicted that new solutions for reducing power consumption in 5G networks will make a debut in late 2021. Is this the end of 4G ? Not at all. It’s been over 10 years since the rollout of the first 4G network, however, there is still a lot of life left in 4G. With its mass accessibility and affordability, it’s predicted that 4G will be the most popular technology worldwide in 2025.


What’s the Wi-Fi Password?

Wi-Fi makes the world go around, with more traffic is carried over Wi-Fi than over cellular networks. With the significant increase of Wi-Fi dominance in personal and enterprise usage, there is one 2021 trend that has caught our eye. This year we saw the adoption of 6 GHz spectrum for Wi-Fi and it’s gaining popularity at a startling rate. This is the most advanced wireless communications yet. It gives the user broader coverage, with enough strength for an entire smart home, office building, or outdoor space. What does that mean for you? It means you’ll have faster channels, lower latency, and higher performance. Basically expect to get your data faster and more effectively than ever before.

Smartphone Trends in 2021

Surprisingly, the introduction of 5G may not break the bank. The 5G chipset prices are relatively low and will translate into lower-cost smartphone and other devices. This is seen in the release of the new TLC 20 5G series (a remarkably cheap 5G phone). Another trend that dominated CES 2021 was the rollable smartphone. Two companies (TCL and LG) showed off concept videos of their rollable phones coming in 2021. Sony also released plans to release their own version later in the year. Will this completely change mobiles as we know it? We don’t think so. Although the introduction of the rollable smartphone will be a unique variant in the industry, we believe Apple’s iPhone will still reign supreme. Experts predict that the iPhone 12 will become the most popular iPhone ever sold. The iPhone 12 series adoption of 5G and Wi-Fi 6 will be the main driver in this boost of sales. Shop on Go Talk today for the best prices on the latest 5G handsets, including the new iPhone 12 Series!


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